About us

Foundation for Culture and Environment Southeast Asia (FCESA) was registered as a foundation under Thai law on January 14, 2010 by the Chiang Mai Foundation regulator. FCESA aims to promote the collaboration of cultural and environment protection in Southeast Asia by providing trainings for people of the Mekong region and the other Southeast Asian countries to be empowered and competent to work as a network for the advancement of society and the environment, with no political affiliation.  



Each year from 2010-2012, FCESA conducted two 6 month long trainings for participants from Mekong countries to learn how to protect their natural resources. There were two trainings per year: the first training ran from March to September and the second one ran from June to December. Participants were recruited by an application and interview process.


Capacity building and training program

We have two capacity building programs:

1. The first program starts from March to September

2. The second program starts from June to December

Objectives of the foundation

       1. To provide training on the conservation of environment, local knowledge and culture in Southeast Asia region.   

      2. To provide training on establishing regional networks and knowledge exchange about environmental conservation by using culture and             local wisdom in order to reduce global warming.

     3. To provide training for promoting media production on environmental conservation, culture and local wisdom.