Capacity building and training program

We have two capacity building programs:

1. The first program starts from March to September

2. The second program starts from June to December

โดยการฝึกอบรมแต่ละรุ่น ได้แบ่งกิจกรรมและการฝึกอบรมเป็น 3 ช่วงด้วยกัน คือ

Each training program entails three sessions:

1.     The first session includes subjects such as cross cultural communication, international environmental law, and international financial institutions. We invite experienced speakers from Thailand. During this session we also have field trips in Thailand for example to Salween river, Mae Kam Pong village, Northeastern Thailand, and local community forests.  The goal of the field trips is for participants to learn and share their experiences with communities and to build networks.


2. During the second session, the participants have the opportunity to go back to their respective countries to conduct research projects based on their own interests. The research topics are relevant to environmental and cultural issues. FCESA staff will also go to the fields sites to serve as consultants if needed. The purpose of this session is for participants to bring the knowledge and experiences they have learnt from the classes and field trips in Thailand to compare and analyze the situation in their home countries from social, cultural, and ecological perspectives.

3.     The last session provides the opportunity for participants to share the experiences and information they have got from their research projects with wider audiences. The research methodologies chosen by each participant are different depending on their country’s context, so the participant have the chance to learn from one other. After completing the three sessions of the program, the participants are awarded certificates from FCESA.



Regional Networking Program

FCESA supports the building and strengthening of a network of graduates from our training programs so that they may share experiences, exchange lesson learnt, work together, and connect with other networks focused on environmental and cultural conservation in the Mekong region. International volunteers is needed to help facilitate cross border exchanges and to provide opportunities for multi cultural exchange activities.



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